Some artists are born. Some are made. Others take a life experience and it becomes their art.

Rudolph Jean-Louis embodies a bit of all three. He’s a world observer, photographer, geometrical artist.  A two-time renal failure survivor, he has handled adversity and health challenges like a warrior.  

Jean-Louis was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti in 1971. At the age of three, his parents sent him from Haiti to the US where he lived with his aunt in Harlem.  Jean-Louis’ father was in the Army and at the age of seven his family moved from New York to Darmstadt, Germany.

“Living in Germany was an unforgettable experience. My love for drawing began at a young age.” 

Jean-Louis joined the US Marines Corps at 17 and with his “Point-and-Shoot” Cannon digital camera in tow, he was deployed to Iraq and when possible, he chronicled the culture, the children and the scenery that surrounded him while in Desert Storm.  

Jean-Louis knows all too well about battles.  Not just those caused by war, but those caused by failing health.  While on dialysis and before receiving a kidney transplant from his donor mother, Jean-Louis became an accomplished working artist and developed his own geometrical 3D art forms.  Today, he has created more than 300 pieces.